The graphical facility monitoring displays developed with the .NET based SL-GMS for Fujitsu Japan’s conventional building automation (BA) system, “Futuric/SX” Series, has been converted to high performance HTML5 code and deployed in the Cloud.

Tokyo – October 12, 2022

SL Japan Corporation, a subsidiary of SL Corporation, a leader in advanced real-time data visualization and monitoring, announced today that the new HTML5 based SL-GMS Web/Developer first released in fall 2020, has been selected by Fujitsu Japan Limited (“Fujitsu Japan”) for their “FUJITSU Public Sector Solution Social Century Sustainable Total Facility Management Cloud, Futuric/CL” (“Futuric/CL”) service.

SL-GMS is an established suite of tools for developing dynamic graphical displays and solution specific Custom Editors for mission critical Advanced Control Systems.  SL-GMS Web/Developer converts highly interactive and content-rich displays developed with the same SL-GMSDraw editor common to all SL-GMS products (C++, Java, Microsoft .NET), to unprecedentedly compact and high performance HTML5 code for web deployment.

“Futuric/CL” is Fujitsu Japan’s cloud service that stores the collected real-time data for equipment operation status and energy usage in buildings and facilities, to the Cloud.  Using its dashboard displays, small to medium sized and multiple buildings are centrally managed by remote monitoring and control of air conditioning and lighting, to save energy, as well as making the building maintenance more productive through web operation.

Fujitsu Japan’s conventional on-premise building automation (BA) system, “Futuric/SX” Series, monitors and controls all the medium to large building facilities including electricity, lights, air conditioning and security for crime and disaster prevention. It has been deployed to many public facilities, including hospitals, station buildings, as well as to commercial buildings.  Its various sophisticated graphical displays developed with the Microsoft .NET based edition of SL-GMS and its Custom Editor option, have been converted to HTML5 using SL-GMS Web/Developer, and now web deployed in “Futuric/CL”.

The same content-rich and highly interactive graphic displays developed for local desktop deployment can be deployed in the Cloud and accessed from a web browser as smoothly as the local deployment using a heterogeneous range of devices such as PCs, tablets and smart phones.

SL-GMS and its Custom Editor option have been embedded and provided in over ten thousand mission critical systems in control rooms and centers globally for process control, facility and network monitoring, traffic control, and aerospace/defense.

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