SL-GMS® Developer for Microsoft .NET

SL-GMS Developer for .NET is a graphic development system specifically designed for use with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment. With Developer for .NET, you can design or import graphic objects and animate them with dynamic behaviors.

Developer for .NET features SL-GMSDraw, a powerful dynamic graphic editor, and a custom .NET control that displays graphics with dynamic behaviors driven by live or archived data from both network and Internet applications.

Custom Editor for .NET is a companion product that allows developers to rapidly create customized dynamic graphic editors using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

SL-GMS .NET Viewer Control in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET


  • Create advanced, high-performance 2D graphics for use in standard and web-based .NET applications
  • Design or import graphic objects and create animated displays with SL-GMSDraw
  • Populate graphic displays with dynamic objects driven by real-time data variables
  • Easily convert existing SL-GMS displays for use in .NET client applications, preserving investment in screen development ­ an easy migration path for existing SL-GMS users
  • Fully .NET compliant SL-GMS Viewer and Editor Controls enable Visual Studio .NET developers to create applications for desktop, enterprise,  web and wireless clients
SL-GMS Developer for .NET