SL-GMS® Dynamic Graphic Editor

SL-GMSDraw is a powerful, customizable dynamic graphic editor that facilitates the construction of real-time data displays and their dynamic graphic components.

SL-GMSDraw features dozens of menu-selectable dynamic behaviors that can easily connected to live data variables in your application. Within the editor, dynamic behaviors can be implemented and tested prior to linking it with the complete application.

The optional Custom Editor is a powerful, customizable set of functions that allows you to provide your customers with a white-labeled graphic editor to build their custom graphics and icons.


  • Design objects, attach real-time data, and preview dynamic behaviors – all without leaving the editor
  • Create your own objects or use existing object libraries
  • Build user-defined palettes of reusable graphics that can be easily dropped into the drawing area and assigned new variables
  • Define dynamic characteristics for individual objects and arrange them in palettes for use by other screen designers, including non-technical end-users
  • Integrate into native Microsoft Windows or Motif/UNIX environments