SL-GMS® J/Developer

J/Developer is ideal for high-performance, real-time data displays that require a flexible graphic development environment. Java developers choose the J/Developer package for its flexible graphic objects, rapid prototyping capabilities and to take advantage of Java’s cross-platform independence and web support. Applets created with J/Developer are extremely thin, ensuring maximum performance for Internet and Intranet deployment.

The J/Net extension to J/Developer is optimized to provide advanced mapping capabilities, offering an unprecedented degree of flexibility. J/Net provides increased functionality and industry-specific libraries to accelerate application development. Create physical network displays or logical views with grid, tree, screw or circular layouts.


  • Populate displays with dynamic objects driven by real-time data
  • Design your own objects or use existing libraries, featuring Software Toolbox Symbol Factory
  • Optimize performance of web applications with highly compact code – true thin-client technology
  • Easily convert existing SL-GMS displays to Java applets or applications, preserving investment in screen development-an easy migration path for existing SL-GMS users
  • Convert a variety of third-party symbols and maps to pure, compact Java Classes
  • Supports AWT and Swing
  • Build complex network and element views with the J/Net extension
  • Create graphic editors, enabling end users to customize displays with the Custom Editor option
  • Fully integrated component of the SL-GMS product line

The SL-GMSDraw Dynamic Graphic Editor is included with J/Developer. SL-GMSDraw is used to create model files which are converted to pure Java with the SL-GMS Code Generator. From within the editor, dozens of dynamic behaviors can be associated with any given object and then easily connected to live data in your application, including XML.

The J/Net extension offers unique functionality for the rapid development of network and element views requiring physical, logical and equipment displays. Display nodes and links over cartographic maps to create physical network displays or create logical views with grid, tree, screw or circular layouts. Used in conjunction with J/Developer, J/Net is a fully integrated component of the SL-GMS product line.