SL-GMS (C++, Java, Microsoft .NET, HTML5) has supported the most smooth and easy migrations of the Advanced Control Systems over 4 decades.

Riverside, CA – December 14, 2021

SL, a leader in advanced, real-time data visualization and monitoring, has announced the additional support of Windows 11, Windows Server 2022 and Visual Studio 2022 with the latest current SL-GMS versions..

SL-GMS product line for C/C++, Java, Microsoft .NET, and HTML5 (new) is SL’s proven tool since 1983, for the rapid development and deployment of content-rich yet compact and high-performance dynamic GUI/HMIs and Custom Editors for Advanced Control Systems.

For almost 40 years, SL-GMS has evolved from UNIX to Windows and Linux, from 32-bit to 64-bit native, and from C++ to ActiveX, Java, Microsoft .NET, and HTML5, providing the highest value for long-lifecycle Advanced Control Systems.  The dynamic graphics models, created with SL-GMSDraw, are upwardly compatible and reusable between the different platforms and frameworks.

The powerful SL-GMSDraw editor not only reduces the expensive development and maintenance costs for sophisticated dynamic GUIs, but a unique Custom Editor based on SL-GMSDraw can easily be customized for an Advanced Control System, further reducing the system total cost of ownership.

Moreover, the same desktop SL-GMS displays can be deployed transparently to remote or web servers, as smoothly and fast as the local deployment exploiting the highly interactive yet unprecedentedly compact software.

Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, Visual Studio 2022 are additionally supported for the following latest current SL-GMS versions:

  • SL-GMS Developer for .NET, Custom Editor for .NET option V5.3a
  • SL-GMS C++/Developer, Custom Editor option V7.2a
  • SL-GMS Web/Developer (HTML5) V3.0a … Visual Studio 2022 does not apply.
  • SL-GMS J/Developer (Java) V4.5a … Visual Studio 2022 does not apply.

SL-GMS and its Custom Editor option have been embedded and provided in over ten thousands of  mission-critical systems in control rooms and centers globally for process control, facility and network monitoring, traffic control and aerospace/defense.