SL-GMS® Web/Developer

SL-GMS Web/Developer is a graphic development system specifically designed to enable displays built within the standard SL-GMSDraw editor to be deployed within a Browser using HTML5. With SL-GMS Web/Developer, you can design or import graphic objects and animate them with dynamic behaviors.

Web/Developer features SL-GMSDraw, a powerful dynamic graphic editor, and a JavaScript application template that displays graphics with dynamic behaviors driven by live or archived data from both network and Internet applications.

A key component of SL-GMS Web/Developer is a conversion utility which allows existing GMS application displays to be migrated to a Browser supporting HTML5.  In this way application developers can readily provide management information displays for use throughout their user organisation.



  • Populate displays with dynamic objects driven by real-time data
  • Provide real time dynamic displays within a Browser
  • Easily convert existing SL-GMS displays to HTML5, preserving investment in screen development-an easy migration path for existing SL-GMS users
  • Extend any existing SL-GMS based application to provide Management information in a Browser for increase accessibility
  • Easily connect dynamic behaviors to live data variables for application such as IoT