Tokyo, Japan – March 18, 2019 – SL Japan is a leader in the graphic visualization and monitoring of real-time data and today announces the new release of SL-GMS C ++ / Developer, a tool for developing dynamic GUI / HMI of advanced control systems (DCS / SCADA) and dedicated custom editor, and new version 7.1b for Linux of its Custom Editor option. SL Japan announced the further strengthening for support for the development and operation of control systems (DCS / SCADA).

SL-GMS C ++ / Developer is SL’s proven product that has been used as the most powerful tool in the development of mission-critical supervisory control systems in the world for over 30 years. Since 1991, it has been adopted in major DCS / SCADA products as well as in process control / facility monitoring, communication network monitoring, road / rail / airport, space / defense systems, etc.. Many supervisory control systems developed with SL-GMS C ++ / Developer in the 1980s continue to operate today even after the system upgrade from UNIX to Linux or Windows providing valued business continuity to end users.

This new Linux version 7.1b will be released after the Windows version SL-GMS C ++ / Developer new version 7.1a released at the end of last year . Enhanced support for high-resolution monitors, improved DXF conversion tools, Arabic support , fixed object movement in 64-bit version, and increased productivity or new control system development and maintenance.

SL-GMS, which is unrivaled in size and speed, uses the VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server to rework the same content-rich and highly interactive operation screen for desktop operation developed interactively with the SL-GMSDraw dynamic graphic editor. Remote operation can be performed with a thin client seamlessly, and you can use it smoothly from mobile such as smartphones and tablets as well as local operation without load.

SL-GMS, which has long supported the easiest transition of control systems globally, from UNIX to Linux, Windows, C / C ++ to ActiveX, Java, Microsoft .NET for many years, is now advanced by Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. 


About SL

Since 1983, for over 30 years, we have been a leading manufacturer of dynamic, graphic visualization and monitoring of real-time data. Customers can leverage SL’s technology to provide

industry-specific monitoring and control applications such as real-time service / business activity monitoring (BAM), operational performance monitoring, infrastructure / middleware monitoring, process control and equipment monitoring to end users. Are offered to. Worldwide mission-critical applications in manufacturing, energy / utilities, financial services, telecommunications, space / defense, and transportation industries, licensed over 161,000 worldwide and more than 15,600 domestic.

SL Japan Co., Ltd. is a Japanese corporation of SL, which was established in 1998, and celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.