Making the full graphic lineup provided only by SL-GMS as robust as ever, from Control Rooms, to Remote Monitoring by Web and Cloud Deployed Dashboards.

May 18, 2022 – Riverside, CA

SL Corporation, a leader in advanced real-time data visualization and monitoring, has released the .NET 6 based SL-GMS .NX/Developer and .NX/Custom Editor V1.0a new product for Advanced Control Systems, and added to its SL-GMS product line (C++, Java, .NET Framework, HTML5).

Since 1983, nearly 40 years, SL-GMS has evolved from UNIX to Windows and Linux, from 32-bit to 64 -bit native, and from C++ to ActiveX, Java, .NET Framework and recently HTML5, providing the most easy migration for the long-lifecycle Advanced Control Systems.  Highly interactive and high-performance dynamic graphic displays created with the common SL-GMSDraw editor have been kept upward compatible and portable among the different OS platforms and frameworks.  Th only complete visualization product range provided by SL-GMS, from Control Rooms, to Remote Monitoring by Web and Cloud Deployed Monitoring Dashboards, is now made as robust as ever with the new SL-GMS .NX (.NET 6) product.

SL-GMS .NX/Developer is the very first dynamic GUI development tool to fully comply with Microsoft’s newest LTS (Long Term Support) version .NET 6 new platform released last November, and its .NX/Custom Editor unique option enables an easy build of a custom dynamic graphic editor specific to a Control System for provision to field maintenance and end-user customers.

Using the same SL-GMSDraw editor as with the other SL-GMS product, displays with various dynamics such as equipment on/off and open/close or alarm color change by thresholds, can be created interactively and independently from the Control System application and previewed immediately within the editor.  Similarly to all the SL-GMS Developer products this new release includes the “Viewer Control” to display and operate displays and the “Editor Control” to create a Custom Editor using Visual Studio 2022 based on the new .NET 6 platform.

Furthermore, the content-rich and highly interactive, yet unprecedentedly compact and high performance SL-GMS, enables deployment of the same dynamic displays to Remote Desktop or Web, as smoothly as the local deployment, and can be accessed from various PC, tablets and smartphones

SL-GMS .NX/Developer and .NX/Custom Editor development had started with the evolving .NET 5, and then with the .NET 6 Preview versions, Release Candidates, and has been completed with the first LTS version .NET 6 released last November.  SL will continue to work with Microsoft to follow its .NET X roadmap while keeping SL-GMS compatible and transparent, to strongly support the SL-GMS users whenever they are ready for migrating to .NET X.

SL-GMS .NX/Developer “Editor Control” in the .NET 6 based Visual Studio 2022