SL Web/Developer converts the highly interactive and content-rich graphic displays to unprecedentedly high performance HTML5 code

October 4, 2022 – Riverside, CA

SL Corporation, a leader in advanced, real-time data visualization and monitoring, has announced a new version 4.0a of SL-GMS Web/Developer, that converts the very interactive and content-rich graphic displays to unprecedentedly high performance HTML5 code for Web deployment of Advanced Control Systems.

SL-GMS Web/Developer V1.0a was the awaited HTML5 new product added in late 2020, to the C++. Java and Microsoft .NET based SL-GMS range for web deployment of Advanced Control Systems.  This release provides enhanced support for the development of dashboards to monitor IoT data from various fields in real-time – New JavaScript (HTML5) based dynamic Graphs and Tables, Drilldowns to detail displays, Multiple Layers to change visibility, Leaflet Map Object and more…

The newly released V4.0a provides additional graphic features frequently used with the conventional C++, Java and Microsoft .NET based SL-GMS products, making the Web deployments of Advanced Control Systems robust as ever:

  • New “Overview Window” to Zoom/Pan smoothly over a very large graphic system diagram.
  • New “Flag” to fix the size of objects when zooming.
  • New “Blinking” for graphic objects and table rows to raise attention.
  • New API to create “Link Objects” and its sample for laying out nodes and links graphically.
  • New sample for embedding “Custom HTML Objects”.

With SL-GMSDraw editor, graphical models with various dynamics such as equipment on/off, alert colors change by thresholds, connect/disconnect can be created interactively and independent from an application program, and preview their behaviours immediately within the editor, which reduces significantly the manual effort and cost associated with developing and maintaining the sophisticated graphical user interfaces.

SL-GMS Web/Developer converts the graphic displays developed with SL-GMSDraw using its Code Generator to unprecedentedly compact and high-performance HTML 5.  Consequently, the same graphic displays in Control Rooms can now be deployed in a Cloud and browsed as swiftly as any local deployment, from various devices of heterogeneous OS PCs, tablets and smart phones.