In addition to the Web deployment of dynamic graphic operational displays for Advanced Controls Systems, V2.0a further supports features characteristic of a wider range of Monitoring Dashboards.

April 1, 2021 – Riverside, CA

SL Corporation, a leader in advanced, real-time data visualization and monitoring, has announced the new version 2.0a release of SL-GMS Web/Developer, a new HTML5 based product added to the SL-GMS suite in September, 2020.

SL-GMS is an established suite of tools for the development of dynamic graphical displays and system specific Custom Editors for mission critical Advanced Control Systems.  SL-GMS provides a common SL-GMSDraw dynamic graphic editor for different framework products – C++, Java, Microsoft .NET and HTML5.

Highly interactive and content-rich dynamic graphical models developed and previewed with SL-GMSDraw, can be converted to unprecedentedly compact and high-performance HTML code using SL-GMS Web/Developer’s HTML5 Code Generator.  Consequently, the same graphic displays in Control Rooms can now be deployed in a Cloud and Web Browser as smoothly as local deployment, from various heterogeneous devices from PCs to tablets and smart phones.

Release V2.0a includes a new set of JavaScript (HTML5) based dynamic graphs (trend chart, bar chart, pie chart) and tables, for enhanced development of dashboards to monitor the aggregated IoT data from various fields in real-time.  Other enhancements include additional .NET Controls that can be converted to HTML5, conversion support for Alpha Channel graphic models, dynamic instancing of graphic objects at runtime, and support of “path move” dynamics.

SL-GMS and its Custom Editor option have been embedded and provided in over ten thousand mission critical systems in control rooms and centers globally for process control, facility and network monitoring, traffic control, and aerospace/defense.


About SL-GMS and SL Corporation:

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