SL-GMS Solutions

SL-GMS is used in a number of different industries and industry segments. For more information, select an industry.

Process Control

  • IoT platforms
  • DCS and SCADA
  • Industrial Plant and Factory Process Control
  • Manufacturing Line Control
  • Energy/Facility/Building Management
  • Utilities Lifeline Control – Water, Electric, Gas, Wastewater


  • Network Management
  • Service Fulfillment & Assurance
  • Element Management
  • Asset Management
  • OSS Performance Monitoring


Intelligent Traffic Control

  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Highway Traffic Control
  • Signal Control
  • Transportation Facility Monitoring
  • Transportation Energy Control/Management
  • Transportation Security Monitoring

Satellite Telemetry & Aerospace

  • Control & ground stations
  • Real time simulators
  • Test facilities
  • As used by NASA for Shuttle Launch Control and by IRIDIUM for satellite command & control