The final word on any application is with the user - does it meet the user's needs and expectations? The NASA Space Hub Simulator was recently demonstrated for a former shuttle pilot, an individual with hundreds of hours of flight training. His opinion? Short of the large, high-fidelity shuttle simulators, this was better than anything else he had seen.

Shuttle Pilot - NASA

The object oriented approach of SL-GMS allows developers to build applications quickly. Once a single object of a type is created, for example a furnace, its appearance and dynamic properties are defined. This can be reused in an application many times, dramatically reducing development time.

Test Engineer - French Aircraft Company

Without SL-GMS, operators would have only alert text and location name to determine the source of a problem. Now with SL-GMS, displays are created using maps with icons representing all nodes and background trunks, Using the dynamic nature of SL-GMS, the animated nodes and equipment components change in real-time according to the status of the network, facilitating more efficient decisions.

Network Manager - Canadian Telecom Company

Customer Success Stories

Check out our success stories to understand how SL-GMS simplifies our customers' lives in creating high performance dynamic graphical displays to control and monitor SCADA, HMI and IIOT systems faster than anyone else.

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