Monitor and Control your Industrial Processes and Equipment in real-time, Quickly and Easily

Simplify the process of building high performance dynamic graphical visual displays for complex process control and monitoring systems that use SCADA, HMI, and IIOT solutions.

SL-GMS is a low footprint, high performance graphical modeling software that allows software developers and graphic designers to create highly interactive dynamic GUIs for real-time process control and monitoring systems that use SCADA, HMI, and IIOT solutions.


The SL-GMS software includes the SL-GMS Draw – a customizable dynamic graphic editor that facilitates the construction of real-time data displays and their dynamic graphic components.

SL-GMS Draw features dozens of menu-selectable dynamic behaviors that can be easily connected to live data variables in your application. Within the editor, dynamic behaviors can be implemented and tested prior to linking it with the complete application

Key Highlights of the SL-GMS Graphic Editor

Design objects, attach real-time data, and preview dynamic behaviors - all without leaving the editor

Create your own objects or use existing object libraries

Integrate into native Microsoft Windows or Motif/UNIX environments

Define dynamic characteristics for individual objects and arrange them in palettes for use by other screen designers, including non-technical end-users

Build user-defined palettes of reusable graphics that can be easily dropped into the drawing area and assigned new variables

Supports Multiple Programming Environments and Platforms

SL-GMS offers multiple product options:

SL-GMS® Web/Developer

Enable displays built within the standard SL-GMS Draw editor to be deployed within a Browser using HTML5.

SL-GMS® Developer for Microsoft .NET

A graphic development system specifically designed for use with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment.

SL-GMS® J/Developer

Java developers choose the J/Developer package for its flexible graphic objects, rapid prototyping capabilities and to take advantage of Java's cross-platform independence.

SL-GMS C++/Developer

Developers choose C++/Developer to build high-performance, real-time data displays that are portable between .NET, C++ and Java

Using a common, dynamic graphic editor in all environments enables development efforts in one area to be efficiently and quickly deployed in other environments.

Preserve your development investment
Promote rapid application development
Minimize risk
Accelerate time to market

Extensions to the SL-GMS Development Packages provide increased functionality and industry-specific libraries to accelerate application development in Network Management, Traffic Management, SCADA, IIOT, Flight Simulation etc.

Save your development cost, control and monitor your complex control systems and processes efficiently, faster than anyone else

Switch to a smarter, more flexible and easy-to-use graphical modeling software.