Network Management

Network Management with SL-GMS

Managing complex network systems across the world can present a number of challenges for network administrators, including the need to monitor multiple devices, maintain accurate network configurations, and respond quickly to potential issues. These challenges can be further compounded by the growing complexity of networks, as well as the need to manage large amounts of data and maintain high levels of security and compliance

SL-GMS, a low foot-print, high performance graphical monitoring software, plays a key role in addressing these challenges, offering network management solution providers a comprehensive and intuitive way to monitor and manage their network systems faster and more efficiently than ever before.

How SL-GMS helps in Network Management

Provides real-time visual representations of the network, helps network administrators quickly identify potential issues, understand the big picture of their network, and take action to resolve problems.

Ability to highlight specific aspects of the network, display data in a variety of formats, and monitor your entire network from a single interface.

Highly scalable, allowing you to grow and evolve with the network and ensuring that network administrators always have a complete and accurate view of your network.

Why SL-GMS for creating dynamic graphical visual displays for Network Management

Build dynamic displays in minutes NOT hours

Integrate with ANY data source quickly and easily

Easy to use with minimal training

Preserve development cost and save developers time

Extremely flexible and highly scalable

Rapid development and reduced time-to-market

Low cost, low footprint & high performance

Immediate decision support with configurable alerts and icons

OSI Enhances Telecommunications Network Management with Dynamic Graphics from SL-GMS

Read the case study

Watch this video to see how a telecommunications company used SL-GMS to create a dynamic graphical visual display to control and monitor their Network Management Systems across the world.

Save your development cost, control and monitor your complex control systems and processes efficiently, faster than anyone else

Switch to a smarter, more flexible and easy-to-use graphical modeling software.