SL Releases the Latest Version 5.4a of .NET Framework based SL-GMS

Transparent migration to the new .NET 6 based SL-GMS .NX and easy Web deployment with the HTML5 based SL-GMS

May 22, 2023 – Riverside, CA

SL Corporation, a leader in advanced, real-time data visualization and monitoring, has today announced the latest release version 5.4a of SL-GMS Developer for .NET and its Custom Editor for .NET option. It is the Microsoft .NET Framework V4.8 based tool using Visual Studio 2022 for rapidly developing dynamic GUI and custom editor for the most mission-critical Advanced Control Systems (DCS/SCADA) in the world.

Using the SL-GMS Draw editor, real-time graphic displays with various dynamic properties such as switch on/off and valve open/close, can be developed rapidly independent from system applications, and preview the dynamic behaviors immediately within the editor.

Unmatched performance and highly interactive dynamic graphic displays developed with SL-GMS Draw for desktop applications, can be deployed transparently in Remote, or convert to compact HTML5 with SL-GMS Web/Developer for Web deployment, as smoothly and fast as the local deployment for mobile access as well.

Furthermore, .NET Framework based SL-GMS can be ported transparently to the new .NET 6 based SL-GMS .NX/Developer and .NX/Custom Editor for developing next generation Advanced Control Systems.

Highlights to the latest V5.4a of SL-GMS Developer for .NET and its Custom Editor for .NET option:
  • Continue to support Windows 10/11, Windows Server 2022, Visual Studio 2022/.NET Framework 4.8.
  • 4 new Blinking demo samples: Blinking by changing (1) colors, (2) object shapes and (3) object visibility, and by array of objects,
  • A few minor bug fixes.

SL-GMS (C++, Java, .NET Framework, HTML5, .NET 6) is the only development tool to provide a full real-time data visualization and monitoring from Control Rooms to Remote Monitoring by Web and Cloud Deployed Monitoring Dashboards.

About SL Corporation

SL is a commercial software company based in Riverside, CA. It develops and markets real-time monitoring, visualization and diagnostic software for Global 1000 and mid-market companies whose businesses depend on complex, high-performance applications or control systems.

SL Corporation was founded in 1983 to develop and market graphics software for use in high-end Process Control, Network Management, and Command and Control Systems. Customers include ABB, Foxboro, Honeywell, Boeing, Alcatel, GE, HP, and NASA (Shuttle Launch Control and Space Station Systems). The SL Graphical Modeling Software (SL-GMS) became an industry standard and remains a top choice for building real-time control systems. For more information, visit

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