SL has released the new .NET 6-based SL-GMS .NX/Developer and .NX/Custom Editor products for Advanced Control Systems.

May 18, 2022 – Riverside, CA

SL Corporation, a renowned leader in advanced real-time data visualization and monitoring, has released its latest product for Advanced Control Systems - the .NET 6 based SL-GMS .NX/Developer and .NX/Custom Editor V1.0a. This new addition to the SL-GMS lineup (which includes C++, Java, .NET Framework, and HTML5) further enhances the already robust graphic offerings, spanning from Control Rooms to Remote Monitoring through On-premise, Web and Cloud Deployed Monitoring Dashboards.

Since its inception in 1983, SL-GMS has continuously evolved, transitioning from UNIX to Windows and Linux, and from 32-bit to 64-bit platforms, while embracing various programming languages such as C++, ActiveX, Java, .NET Framework, and more recently, HTML5. This commitment to evolution has made SL-GMS the go-to choice for long-lifecycle Advanced Control Systems, offering easy migration and compatibility across different OS platforms and frameworks. The new SL-GMS .NX (.NET 6) product now takes the comprehensive visualization product lineup to new heights.

At the forefront of innovation, SL-GMS .NX/Developer pioneers dynamic GUI development and fully complies with Microsoft's first LTS (Long Term Support) version of .NET 6, which was released in November of the previous year. Additionally, the .NX/Custom Editor allows for the effortless creation of custom dynamic graphic editors tailored specifically to each Control System, catering to field maintenance and end-user customers.

Utilizing the familiar SL-GMSDraw editor, interactive and high-performance dynamic graphic displays can be easily created, independent of the Control System application. These displays showcase various dynamics, such as equipment on/off, open/close, or alarm color changes based on specified thresholds. The editor provides a real-time preview of these behaviors, ensuring a seamless and intuitive development experience. Similar features are offered in the .NET Framework version of SL-GMS Developer for .NET, with "Viewer Control" for displaying and operating displays and "Editor Control" for creating Custom Editors, both built on the Visual Studio 2022 platform and leveraging the new .NET 6 capabilities.

Moreover, SL-GMS's content-rich, highly interactive, compact, and high-performance design allows for the smooth deployment of dynamic displays across various platforms, including Remote Desktop and Web. This versatility ensures easy access and operation from PCs, tablets, and smartphones, making data visualization and monitoring truly accessible on the go.

progressed through .NET 6 Preview versions and Release Candidates, culminating in the completion of the product with the release of the first LTS version of .NET 6 in November. SL Corporation remains committed to working closely with Microsoft, aligning with their .NET X roadmap to maintain SL-GMS's compatibility and transparency, and supporting SL-GMS users during their migration to future .NET X versions.


SL-GMS .NX/Developer “Viewer Control” in the .NET 6 based Visual Studio 2022

About SL Corporation

SL is a commercial software company based in Riverside, CA. It develops and markets real-time monitoring, visualization and diagnostic software for Global 1000 and mid-market companies whose businesses depend on complex, high-performance applications or control systems.

SL Corporation was founded in 1983 to develop and market graphics software for use in high-end Process Control, Network Management, and Command and Control Systems. Customers include ABB, Foxboro, Honeywell, Boeing, Alcatel, GE, HP, and NASA (Shuttle Launch Control and Space Station Systems). The SL Graphical Modeling Software (SL-GMS) became an industry standard and remains a top choice for building real-time control systems. For more information, visit

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