SL Releases the New SL-GMS Web/Developer Version 4.1a to Further Strengthen the Creation of Web Deployed Control Systems and Cloud Deployed Monitoring Dashboards

July 20, 2023 – Riverside, CA

SL, a leader in advanced, real-time data visualization and monitoring, has announced the release of its new SL-GMS Web/Developer V4.1a which converts existing control rooms' heavily interactive and content-rich graphic displays to unprecedentedly high performance HTML5 code for Web deployed Control Systems and Cloud deployed Monitoring Dashboards.

SL-GMS Web/Developer V1.0a was the new and long-awaited HTML5 product which joined the SL-GMS line-up in 2020. It is a Web browser-based product for deployment of Advanced Control Systems. The line-up includes C++, Java and .NET based products, as well.

The subsequent V2.0a and V3.0a releases further enhanced the development of Real-Time Monitoring Dashboards by adding new features such as dynamic graphs and tables, drilldowns to detail displays, multi-layer displays with many properties such as visibility and more.

The V4.0a was released last year with additional graphical features such as Overview Windows and Blinking property which are often used in conventional C++, Java and .NET based SL-GMS products, making the browser deployments of Control Systems more robust than ever.

The newly released V4.1a includes many more improvements to reinforce the easy and flexible development of Web deployed Control Systems and Cloud deployed Monitoring Dashboards. It:

  • Supports changes to List and Combo Box items.
  • Makes it easier to select a table cell even when the Table is updating with a very fast update period.
  • Supports row selection for the Table object from within the application.
  • Displays SL-GMS models in specified Table columns.
  • Grants access to Web fonts.
  • Facilitates printing of SL-GMS panels' content.
  • Supports structured variables in Renamed Variables.
  • Offers new API for setting Layer detectability (on/off).
  • Supplies a new method to return the name of a sub-model.
  • Provides callback support for when displays fail to load

With SL-GMSDraw editor, graphical models with various dynamics such as equipment on/off, alert colors change via thresholds, connect/disconnect, ... can be created interactively and independently from an application program. The behavior of these models can be previewed immediately within the editor, which significantly reduces the man-hour costs associated with developing and maintaining sophisticated graphical user interfaces.

Using its Code Generator, SL-GMS Web/Developer converts the graphic models, developed with SL-GMSDraw, to extraordinarily compact and high-performance HTML5 displays. Consequently, the same graphic models used in control rooms can now be deployed in Cloud and Web browsers as swiftly as local deployments, from various devices with heterogeneous Operating Systems, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

About SL-GMS

SL is a commercial software company based in Riverside, CA. It develops and markets real-time monitoring, visualization and diagnostic software for Global 1000 and mid-market companies whose businesses depend on complex, high-performance applications or control systems.

SL Corporation was founded in 1983 to develop and market graphics software for use in high-end Process Control, Network Management, and Command and Control Systems. Customers include ABB, Foxboro, Honeywell, Boeing, Alcatel, GE, HP, and NASA (Shuttle Launch Control and Space Station Systems). The SL Graphical Modeling Software (SL-GMS) became an industry standard and remains a top choice for building real-time control systems. For more information, visit

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